By Client

Acclivus offers performance consultation to sales, support, and service professionals and executives in some of the world’s leading organizations, helping companies to improve their communication and negotiation skills and to create effective strategies for working with their customers. Spire first began our relationship with Acclivus at a time when the company had not allocated any funds into its marketing budget for some time. As a result, Acclivus had an outdated image and was in desperate need of a complete brand overhaul to change its stale perception in the marketplace. Spire worked with Acclivus to rebuild its image from the ground up, starting with a logo and brand redesign – taking the previous Acclivus logo and reworking it to be more current and dynamic. Following the logo refresh, Spire developed all-new marketing materials including a business system, brochures, print ads and trade show booth. The brand overhaul gave Acclivus a contemporary look and renewed vitality, immediately shifting the target market’s perception of the company and its
service offering.