In February of 2021, Spire launched a new series called Spire on Spotify. Music is an important part of our open office and agency culture, so it made sense to compile playlists and share them as part of our monthly newsletter, the Spire Wire.

Our Spire team takes turns on the turntable spinning hits into a fun and meaningful playlist. The playlists are sometimes inspired by our clients. Other times they may coincide with a holiday or season. And still other times they might simply personify how we’re feeling or what’s on our minds. Each album, like any great record, has a unique name and cover art that really sings, designed by our agency creative team.

Over a year and a half since its launch, our playful playlists have accumulated month by month as Spire on Spotify proudly releases its 30th edition.

Connecting on the latest countdown

You can learn a lot about someone based on their music tastes … and distastes. You might be surprised by someone’s favorite genre or artist. Or you might guess what era your office mate grew up in. Or it might entertain you to know what keeps someone’s head bobbing during the workday.

Not only is music cherished for its ability to unite its listeners, but it is also a proven tool in aiding in focus and memory. Streaming music is a great way to block out any distracting noise while providing a steady rhythm to keep your brain alert on its present task.

There’s rarely ever a dull moment in the Spire offices, but just like anywhere else, when deadlines start to get steeper and work begins to pile on, a little extra boost of motivation is needed. We all know too well about the post-lunch slump as our food begins to settle, eyes begin to tire, and the clock seemingly begins to slow down. Instead of reaching for another cup of joe to get a boost of energy, music is our latest fuel for creativity.

Having a blast with the past

With our 30th Spotify playlist loading in the background, we take a look back at our first Spire on Spotify playlist — Train Tracks. The album was dedicated to longtime client TrinityRail, with its collection of train-related songs and tunes about traveling the wide-open country. It laid the groundwork for all future playlists inspired by the clients who inspire our award-winning work. Strategically choosing which songs can tie into the overall image of the client and their brand is a unique way to creatively tap into our brand’s personas.

Outside of client-influenced tunes, Spire also hums to the beat of their own drum with personal themed playlists pertaining to current holidays, certain feelings and everyday use. Let’s look back at our chart-topping hits over the last 18 months — the ones we’ve had on repeat.

Vol. 1: Train Tracks. Tunes of tonnage and songs of strength, inspired by railcar provider TrinityRail.

Vol. 2: Sláinte. Influenced by all things gold, green, lucky and Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Vol. 3: The Running Man. Lace up those shoes, head outdoors, and take a stroll or two around the block.

Vol. 4: Tax Breaks. Reduce the stress of tax day with a mix that’s totally money, inspired by Avantax.

Vol. 5: Chill Pill. Chill and enjoy the healing powers of music with a playlist inspired by pharmaceutical software Cervey.

Vol. 6: Lady Luck. An upbeat playlist full of songs that celebrate Vegas’ historical lounge acts and modern vibrant energy.

Vol. 7: Summer InSPIREation. Mixes together that “work hard” and “play hard” drive with its energetic song list.

Vol. 8: American Girl. An all-American celebration with your friends and family during summer.

Vol. 9: The Road Ahead. Hardworking mix of classic rock, soul and country that gets the job done, inspired by YAK ACCESS.

Vol. 10: Laid-Back Lounge. The perfect background music to keep the beat and energy up in your space.

Vol. 11: Homeward Bound Sounds. A classic, nostalgic look at Texas hometowns, inspired by master-planned community Cole Ranch.

Vol. 12: Building Momentum. Hip-hop, ’80s and ’90s come together to build something great, inspired by engineering and architectural firm Halff.

Vol. 13: Time Will Tell. Propels listeners back to reality with music that’s full of soulful longing and dark expression from everything blues to all that is rock.

Vol. 14: Bank On It. Lodging meets lending with a mix inspired by hospitality lender, State Bank of Texas.

Vol. 15: Let’s Boogey Man. A spooky and ghoulish mix of bone-chilling tunes just in time for Halloween.

Vol. 16: Yuletide, Y’all. A merry mix of festive tunes with a twang for Christmas.

Vol. 17: A Very Jersey Christmas. Season’s greetings from down the shore.

Vol. 18: Here Comes the Sun. Shining a light on The Solar Company with a playlist to brighten your day.

Vol. 19: If Not Now, When? A New Year’s mix of songs about of time, optimism and change.

Vol. 20: Cait’s Cuddles Curated. A heartfelt playlist of romantic riffs and songs you’ll love for Valentine’s Day.

Vol. 21: B2Beyoncé. The perfect empowerment playlist for all the girl bosses out there looking for an extra little bit of pep in their step.

Vol. 22: Horizons. The ultimate “kick back and relax” playlist, built to enjoy on a cool day with your favorite people.

Vol. 23: Heat Waves. Transports listeners to a spring break getaway if you weren’t able to actually get away or are looking to feel another vacation.

Vol. 24: Health Flare. A healthy dose of tunage inspired by pharmaceutical distributor Morris & Dickson.

Vol. 25: Funville. Keeps your brain vibing with its fast ups and gentle downs.

Vol. 26: Encantado. Brings the groove to your ears with its Spanish inspiration to make you feel “enchanted.”

Vol. 27: Floatin’ Ol’ Frio. Floats you down the river with a cold one in your hand as it mixes two-stepping music and best hits from the Lone Star State.

Vol. 28: Lakin’ It Easy. Sure to be played on your next boat outing with its vibrant tunes spanning several decades — from the ’80s to the present.

Vol. 29: Fall Feels. The perfect transition from summer to fall with its chill vibes and laid-back tunes.

Vol. 30: Mystic Places. Spins a different tune to normal October playlists, taking you on a journey of physical locations and emotions through its music.

So the next time you’re looking to liven up the office, get a taste of Christmas during summer, or experience a push of empowerment through music, we implore you to sit back, relax and explore your perfect mix on Spire’s Spotify channel. To receive these playlists monthly in your inbox, subscribe to our newsletter, the Spire Wire.

Ashley Morales is an account coordinator at Spire Agency.