­­Spire Agency is just days away from the release of the Tyler Technologies 2021 Annual Report. This is the second year in a row that the agency has designed and produced this important piece for stakeholders of Tyler Technologies—the largest software company in the nation that’s focused solely on providing integrated software and technology service to the public sector.

Their 2020 Annual Report was an award-winning piece that received a Gold from AAF Dallas, Silver from Graphis, and was even shortlisted for Communication Arts.

That why our latest Spire on Spotify playlist is inspired by Tyler Technologies’ knack for looking ahead and anticipating what’s next in their space. The new mix, Vol. 22: Horizons, was compiled by the designer of both Tyler Technologies annual reports, Tyler Fonville.

Tyler, what is the name of your album?

Horizons was inspired by Tyler Technologies’ ability to continuously innovate the digital infrastructure for the public sector. Setting a new standard for technological advances and building on limitless potential to keep everyone connected in a safe and secure way. Tyler Technologies brings us a new day with an ever-expanding horizon.

How would you describe this mix?

The mix was built to enjoy on a chill 68-degree day, from sunrise to sunset. Surround yourself with friends from all walks of life and enjoy each other’s company. The list starts with a rhythmic groove, leading into something more atmospheric, broken up by contrasting guitar riffs, whimsical lyrics, and a pensive mood to help close out the day.

What was the inspiration behind it?

Sometimes just having a great client to work with is all you need to feel inspired. It isn’t what Tyler Tech stands for, or even how they operate behind the scenes. It’s the people we’ve been in contact with throughout the various meetings and collaborations. They’re genuine people deserving of a playlist full of contrast, good times, and groovy vibes!

What is your favorite song, and why?

This was a difficult choice! Loving the groove in “Try” and the cheesy happiness from “A Summer Song” by Chad & Jeremy. But I’d say the top spot belongs to Tame Impala’s “The Boat I Row.” Why? Well, I’m an audio snob that loves to turn it up and listen to all the levels in some sick-quality headphones. Apart from just loving how this song makes me feel, it’s an easy one to work to. The lyrics are obscured enough to not distract me, and there’s enough harmony to keep it satisfying. Really loving how they layered synth, drums, and vocals for a simple but beautiful expression of all the minor chords.

If your playlist was a brand, what would it be and why?

If my playlist was a brand, it would be Sega, but like a renewed overhauled version. Sega was one of the biggest players in the early days of video game production and marketing. They were killing it, introduced Sonic the Hedgehog, and introduced one of the first handheld game systems ever! Nothing cooler than a retro piece of tech with rad graphics created by the leader of pixel-pushing and programming savvy. Their ads were full of bold typography and irreverent messaging. (They were trying really hard to beat Nintendo, I guess! <laughs>) Anyway, this playlist covers a few different genres and sounds that might be as polarizing as Sega was!

Any specific memory that comes to mind when you listen?

Ironically, I didn’t listen to this kind of music as a kid. <laughs> Maybe that’s the point! Anyway, if I were to imagine myself rocking out to these sweet tunes, I’d put myself right back in California along Highway 1. It was a thrill to go fast in the turns, and a breeze to coast cliffside along the vast stretches of beachy California.

What makes your playlist unique?

I think what makes my playlist unique is how the overall cadence seems to rise and fall more often than others. Usually my playlists function as a single unit with one kind of sound. Everything needs to feel and “taste” the same. However, with this playlist, I really wanted to show more contrast to express a level of thoughtfulness that could be applied to the Tyler Tech group. It’s probably pretty odd to find something as odd as “Larry” by Math-Mic in the same list as “Cruel Summer” from Bananarama! <laughs> Just get out there and have a listen!

What a great playlist, Tyler. It’s the perfect playlist for a springtime weekend drive. Stay tuned to the Spire Blog and Spotify Channel for the release of our next album into the wild blue yonder.