DALLAS (April 7, 2020) – Spire Agency, a Dallas-based B2B branding agency, recently rebranded New-Tech Computer Systems, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Morris & Dickson Holding Company to Cervey. This rebrand is part of a comprehensive effort which will elevate the company’s focus as a premier national provider of technology solutions to the 340B market, hospital pharmacies, PBMs, and long-term care organizations.

Cervey engaged Spire to establish a new brand identity that clearly illustrates their position as both a thought and market leader in the modern healthcare space. Spire worked with the Cervey team on a complete brand overhaul, including the development of a new logo, corporate business system, custom website, and tradeshow booth.

The new Cervey brand received an enthusiastic and positive response from the industry when it was recently unveiled at the 340B Coalition Winter Conference in San Diego. The Cervey booth, decorated with the new branding elements, experienced 50% more prospect engagement compared with other recent tradeshow appearances.

“The brand launch went very well. It definitely created a ‘buzz’ and everything, in my opinion, could not have gone better. Our website looks fantastic and I’m so happy that I can send prospects there and not feel dread,” said Larry Crowder, Cervey’s senior director for 340B Sales.

Steve Gray, partner at Spire, said, “Clients, like Cervey, who want to disrupt their industry and truly differentiate from their competition are a pleasure to work with. Being able to help build a cutting-edge brand from the ground up is what Spire does best, and we are really proud of the Cervey results. We look forward to our continued partnership with them.”



Cervey, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of M&D Holding Company. Cervey provides technology and distribution solutions to the 340B market, hospitals, PBMs, and long-term care organizations. Visit Cervey.com for more information.