Social media is becoming an ever-increasing aspect of the decision-making process, especially for B2B buyers. Most have a set list of people or accounts they follow to keep up with certain trends, whether it be celebrities for fashion guidance, sports stars, workout gurus, etc. But what about businesses having certain B2B influencers to follow when making important brand decisions? Check out the list below to learn about a few of the top B2B celebs:

Top social media person to follow — Stephan HovnanianStephan Hovnanian prides himself on “putting the social in social media” and this is evident on his Twitter account. Hovnanian leads content creation strategies focusing on strategic email marketing campaigns for Bambu, a Sprout Social company.Before working at Bambu, Stephan ran Shovi, a marketing creation company, where to this day he still helps B2B companies create award-winning content campaigns from the ground up. Hovnanian helps these businesses find their confidence and stride when it comes to keeping up with weekly content in an overwhelmingly difficult business-to-business space. If you’ve hit a “B2B content roadblock” for new ideas, follow Hovnanian for inspiration.

Digital guru and “Serial Entrepreneur” — Gary VaynerchukDo yourself a favor and take 5 seconds out of your day to go follow GaryVee on social media. This thought leader has infinite wisdom when it comes to the B2B space and helps keep things relatable and easy to follow.Twitter and LinkedIn are great for following Gary, but I highly recommend giving a listen to his hit series podcast “The GaryVee Audio Experience." FAIR WARNING: Gary cuts right through the b***s*** and gives it to you straight. He spit fires at times.

Strategy and Content wiz —Ann HandleyThis Wall Street Journal best-selling author and famous speaker is taking the B2B world by storm. With over 420,000 LinkedIn followers, Ann inspires marketers to embrace the digital marketing realm and teaches how to best utilize tactics to ensure tangible, long-lasting client results.Ann was a co-founder of ClickZ and now serves as the Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, a company that specializes in marketing education. Handley’s wisdom and inspiration got her a spot on IBM’s list of 7 people shaping modern marketing and Forbes even considers her to be one of the Top Thought Leaders.

Top B2B creative genius — Nick Cave, Founder and Moderator of Mob NetworkLooking for a way to showcase the beautiful work you’ve created? Then look no further than theBranding MobInstagram page. Created by Nick Cave, a creative designer at Silver Agency in the UK, this account expertly exhibits how one should be marketing campaigns and creative assets the right way.Nick claims to be a “self-taught” graphic designer, but by the looks of his work, he has a vast array of talent that is beautifully captured on his social media pages.

For a more comprehensive list of B2B experts, check out these other rock stars on social media: Let us know where you find your inspiration!