Join us in welcoming our account team’s summer intern, Olivia Underwood. She hails from Madison, Wisconsin, trading cold winters for the hot summers of Dallas, where she attends Southern Methodist University (SMU). (Go Mustangs!) Olivia is a rising star junior with a double major in Strategic Brand Management at the Temerlin Advertising Institute and Marketing at the Cox School of Business.

Outside of your major, what activities do you enjoy participating in at SMU?

I am a student ambassador where I act as a tour guide for potential SMU students. It’s extremely fun, and I talk to them about the amazing opportunities and programs SMU has to offer. I’m a member of Student Foundation, which plans all the tradition-based events on campus. I’m also member of Alpha Chi Omega fraternity.

What’s your biggest accomplishment [so far] at SMU?

My biggest accomplishment is taking third place at the National Student Advertising Competition and Best Presentation overall at the district level.

The corporate client for the 2023 competition was Indeed, a unique and prevalent brand for students looking for jobs after college graduation. As a presenter and strategist on the team, it was a very difficult but exhilarating campaign to develop and present to three acclaimed advertising professionals who acted as the competition judges.

When you interviewed at Spire, we learned you’re quite the budding entrepreneur. Tell us about your company, The Social Space.

In the depths of COVID, people were looking for new hobbies and ways to occupy their time. I was also thinking of ways to keep busy outside of schoolwork and thought, “I have some digital communication skills that could help small businesses in my hometown.”

My first job was as a hair salon receptionist. The salon recently opened and, as someone with the label of Gen Z, I was automatically given the social media space. As the most tech-savvy person on the team, I offered to design their website. This was my first introduction to design and digital strategy, and I loved it!

From there, my business grew through word of mouth. I increased my services to include photography, content creation, logo design, and designing other marketing materials. As I’ve worked with different clients, I found helping small businesses present themselves to their customers and introducing them to modern social spaces has been the most rewarding. In the past three years, I have worked with about 18 businesses and completed 41 photoshoots.

Who has been your biggest influence in helping to determine or shape your career path?

My father influences my career path the most. As an entrepreneur himself, he and his business provided me with access behind the scenes. He is the definition of a go-getter, and I think I have learned my determination and entrepreneurial spirit from him.

What are you most looking forward to learning this summer at Spire?

I am looking forward to learning about day-to-day agency life, to experience the work Spire does and how the account side and creative team work together to accomplish exceptional results for clients. You can only learn so much from a textbook or a professor, but I knew through an internship I would have hands-on experiences.

To wrap up our discussion, let’s hear about some of your favorite things with quick answers.

Q: Do you have a favorite hobby?

A: Yes, reading a book by the pool.

Q: Where is your favorite place to visit?

A: Montana; the hiking is incredible there!

Q: What’s your favorite movie or movie genre?

A: Rom-coms and Marvel movies, which I realize are opposite and confusing, but I love them both.

Q: What’s your favorite kind of music?

A: Country music.

Q: Who’s your favorite country singer?

A: Thomas Rhett.

Thanks, Olivia, for sharing a little bit about yourself. We’re thrilled you chose Spire for your internship, and we look forward to everything we’re going to accomplish together this summer!

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