Unsurprisingly, 2022 was a great year for Spire. Sorry, let me say that again with a little more tact! The year of 2022 went really well for Spire, and we couldn’t have done it without your support. We had an influx of new business, we crushed it at the award shows, our work for clients impacted their business, we grew our agency, and we saw an uptick in social following. To give praise where praise is due, each of you reading this, and to the hard-hitting creative and account peeps at the agency, thank you for making 2022 an epic year. Ya did good, and we’re excited to do it again this year.

So, what’s next? Well, like the beginning of any new year at Spire, we kicked things off with momentum. Meetings, creative outings, morning kolaches, and a hella lotta coffee has fueled our branding fire! Each year, we try to be better than the last, improving on what we’ve learned for our clients and for the Spire brand, implementing change where it’s needed most.

As you may recall, in spring 2022, Spire launched a new content stream on Instagram called “Spire-Inspired.” It was a space for the agency to highlight work, people, and ideals in our world that truly inspired us. Since our agency’s mantra is “Elevating B2B Brands,” we asked ourselves: “How can we elevate this social feature for 2023?”

In the B2B world, buyers want brands to be more humanized and personalized. We took that notion to heart, making the shift in 2023 by allowing our employees to tell their stories about who inspires them. After all, as an agency, who inspires us more than our own employees.

The name of our Instagram Stories has shifted from “Spire-Inspired” to “Spire. Inspired.” We felt this year’s more human-centric theme could benefit from something fresh and different. More periods for more drama, right? See what we did there? But we also felt like it provided an agency point of view from an employee’s perspective.

Regarding the new look and feel, we’ve gone from elaborate to humanist with some careful adjustments to typography and color palette—less edgy, more thoughtful. As for content, we’re posting short interviews every month with our employees personally sharing who or what inspires them. It’s our way of introducing the faces and voices that make up our award-winning agency—our people. ‘Nuff said? ‘Nuff said!

Who knows how we evolve in the coming years, but for now, we’re focused on keeping this new space light and tidy. Each new year brings with it a nice bag of challenges and opportunities, which or course, is no surprise to anyone! We just want to take advantage of the opportunity to provide, for a moment, a breath of positivity and individuality. That’s because an open mind and creative heart is what truly nurtures honest work and competent sociability.

As always, we appreciate your time and willingness to follow our journey! We’re really excited to see what we can bring to life this year for our brand, and yours. And hey, give us a shout or stop by for kolache time. Cheers!

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Tyler Fonville is a designer at Spire Agency, one of the nation’s most awarded B2B branding agencies.