ClearShift produces ultra-pure, environmentally friendly specialty products, and Spire was proud to help rebrand the company with a new name, logo, website, and complete brand rollout, which was featured in a story on AdChatDFW.

The company manufactures products using a next- generation gas-to-liquids process, reducing the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere. The company approached Spire in need of a rebrand. Their previous name, Advantage Midstream, had pigeon-holed them into the oil and gas / midstream industry.

They needed an identity that accurately reflected their services, which are more in the clean / green products space. Spire worked with the ClearShift team to create a fresh brand identity, including the development of a company name, logo, corporate business system, and website.

Spire began its work on the development of a company name that would position them as a green space player and speak to their unique product attributes. After much research and an extensive naming process, “ClearShift” was chosen. The Spire creative team next developed a new logo and corporate business system, along with a beautifully clean and modern website. After launching with these new assets, ClearShift has enjoyed an increase in market awareness and is now well-positioned to make waves in the clean specialty-products marketplace.

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