The month of November officially ends the autumnal season. While other parts of the country already have snow and are buckling down for an even colder winter, the month of November is among the very best in Texas when it comes to weather.

As Texans prepare for the annual Dallas Cowboys game on Thanksgiving, and perhaps a fried turkey or Turducken dinner, we all have plenty to be thankful for this month. And that’s why our newest Spire on Spotify playlist is all about counting our blessings … and our calories.

Principal/Associate Creative Director Jason James heads into the musical kitchen to whip up a plentiful playlist called Vol. 50: November Refrains. So gather ‘round as he sets the table with seasonal sounds for one of the best months of the year.

Jason, what is the name of your album?

The name of this album is November Refrains. This playlist leans into the fall vibes that the month of November ushers in (which is later in the year for us Texans). This mix is a more mellow collection than usual as the year begins to wind down. This is the perfect mix to put on with family or in the kitchen while whipping up a holiday feast.

How would you describe this mix?

This playlist is a mixture of sweet cinnamon sounds paired with delectable gravy flavors. It’s a cornucopia of sound. There is something for the whole family here. It starts off calmly with some jazz and country but picks up with some funk and soul. It’s stacked with classics that bring back memories of home. Together, these genres create a tapestry of sound that mirrors the nuanced beauty of November—a time of both letting go and finding solace in the evolving melody of life. The track list is a well-balanced and delicious meal, just like Thanksgiving dinner.

What was the inspiration behind it?

We all have a lot to be thankful for: friends, family, and good food. What better way to enjoy a table full of delicious dishes than with some classic fall tunes? This mix is meant to be enjoyed in a big group to set the fall mood. In crafting this November playlist, I sought to encapsulate the multifaceted essence of this season through a symphony of soul, funk, country, and jazz.

What is your favorite song, and why?

“Vegetables” by The Beach Boys. While most eagerly await the sight of the golden turkey gracing the center of the table, my heart beats to a different rhythm. For me, the true stars of this festive feast are the vibrant, colorful vegetables that adorn our plates. Their earthy flavors, crisp textures, and rich hues ignite a symphony of sensations that rival even the grandest turkey. This whimsical tune not only celebrates the humble vegetable but also encapsulates the essence of Thanksgiving for me—a time of gratitude, harmony, and a great meal with family.

If your playlist was a brand, what would it be and why?

Campbell’s Soup. Like the iconic red and white label that promises comfort in a can, this mix mirrors the timeless appeal of Campbell’s Soup. Just as a steaming bowl of their classic chicken noodle provides a sense of nourishment and familiarity, this curated collection of soul, funk, country, and jazz offers a musical escape during the chilly days of November. The rich, heartwarming melodies are akin to the hearty flavors that have defined Campbell’s for generations, providing a sense of solace and sustenance amidst the seasonal shift. Each track, much like the carefully selected ingredients in their recipes, contributes to the harmonious blend that makes this playlist a soul-soothing experience. So, as you press play, imagine this musical journey as a warm, familiar bowl of comfort, inviting you to savor every note like a cherished sip of soup on a chilly November day.

Any specific memory that comes to mind when you listen?

While I’ve historically had a hard time getting excited about turkey, one of the more bland-tasting meats, I’ve always enjoyed getting together for family meals. There would always be a game of front-yard football with the extended family for Thanksgiving Day and then we’d all gather around the table at night and reminisce about the year so far. Last year, my grandpa, who was 90 at the time, told the story about his experience in the Navy and was stationed abroad. I learned a lot about his resilience through those years and I enjoyed spending that time with him.

What makes your playlist unique?

Each track is chosen with care, much like the ingredients in a cherished family recipe, ensuring that every note contributes to the playlist’s distinctive flavor. This curated selection becomes more than just a collection of songs, it becomes a soundtrack for the season and a musical backdrop for family time with its unique fusion of musical styles.

We’re absolutely stuffed with Thanksgiving tuneage, Jason. Stay tuned to the Spire Blog and Spotify Channel for another course of playlists soon.

Jason James is the Associate Creative Director at Spire, named the 2023 Agency of the Year by the D/FW chapter of the American Marketing Association.