Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to ensure fair play and precision in your favorite soccer matches? Look no further than Sportec Solutions.

Since 2016, Sportec Solutions, headquartered in Munich, Germany, has been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge solutions for sports technology and match data. Their expertise spans everything from gathering, storing, and distributing data, to in-depth analytics of live matches for international clubs, licensees, partners, and clients.

When Sportec Solutions secured the coveted role of Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology provider for Major League Soccer (MLS) in the U.S., including the league’s medical sideline review operations, it was a game-changer. But to bring their FIFA-approved VAR technology to life across 29 stadiums, 530 MLS matches, 77 Leagues Cup fixtures, and the MLS All-Star Game, they needed a strategic North American base.

Enter Arlington, Texas — chosen as the launchpad for Sportec Solutions’ North American operations. The journey began in October 2023, as they broke ground on their state-of-the-art 12,000-square-foot operations center. It wasn’t just about constructing an office space, but the crafting of an immersive experience that reflected the ethos of Sportec Solutions.

That’s where Spire Agency stepped in. In December 2023, Spire was tasked with infusing the space with Sportec Solutions’ vibrant brand identity. Drawing inspiration from the company’s colors, logo, and cutting-edge technology, Spire Agency embarked on a transformational journey.

“It was more than just design for us,” reflects Kimberly Tyner, Chief Creative Officer at Spire Agency. “We wanted to capture the essence of Sportec Solutions — their passion for sports, innovation, and commitment to excellence — in every corner of the space.”

From bland corridors emerged a kaleidoscope of color — a testament to the fusion of creativity and functionality. Each workstation and corner was meticulously crafted to inspire employees, engage clients, and captivate prospects.

“It’s been an exhilarating journey,” says Tyner. "Being part of the Sportec Solutions story and infusing their brand essence into the fabric of their operational center in Arlington was not just about aesthetics, but about creating an environment that resonates with the innovation they bring to the world of sports technology. It’s been an incredibly rewarding project.

In February 2024, the dream became a reality: The operations center boasts 15 workstation VAR and MSR areas, a bustling 60-workstation live data collection and analysis zone, and a team of 13 dedicated professionals — all under one roof.

As Max Kaltenhäuser, General Manager – Americas at Sportec Solutions, comments, “What an intense project. I’m immensely proud of our Sportec team. And a big thank you to the Spire team. With your expertise in design and branding, you’re an integral part of our success story.”

In the world of sports technology, even the smallest detail matters. And with Sportec Solutions and Spire Agency creating space for the future of soccer, that future looks brighter than ever.

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