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Tyler Technologies

Tyler Technologies is the largest software company in the nation focused solely on providing integrated software and technology services to the public sector—cities, counties, states, and school districts. The Tyler Technologies look is typically very consistent throughout all of their marketing and sales experiences, but they allow the brand some creative freedom for their Annual Report.

In October of 2018, the Tyler Technologies marketing team chose Spire’s concept from among other agency submissions as the theme for the 2018 Annual Report. The winning concept of “Connecting the Data That Connects Us All” was born out of the need to tell a story around how truly important data is in our everyday lives and how the work at Tyler Technologies is fueling a more connected future.

In order to illustrate a compelling story around data, Spire created custom data information graphics to creatively showcase the 2018 growth of Tyler Technologies and the impact it has had in the community. Using vibrant imagery along with thoughtful negative spaces, the 2018 Tyler Technologies Annual Report has become one of the company’s most well-received to date.