By Client

Neiman Marcus is a renowned leader in fashion retailing, so its 6,000+ sales associates have to be kept up to date on seasonal fashion trends and essentials. Coordinating designers, buyers and hundreds of pieces of fashion photography can challenge even the most seasoned veterans. And, while Neiman Marcus has a talented internal staff to handle most of its creative needs, sometimes they need extra resources.

Neiman Marcus called on Spire to quickly put together its “trend guides,” which would be distributed to the press and to each store. Under nearly impossible deadlines, we designed a layout to help showcase what would be the leading trends in the fashion industry in months to come. No detail was spared, from color-correcting photographs to printing and distributing the guides to each of the stores.

As a result of Spire’s efforts, Neiman Marcus employees were in the know and ready to answer their fashionista clients’ every question.