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With a logo and idea in hand, F-Wave was hungry to jump into the roofing industry with the ability to produce the most durable synthetic roofing shingle. The challenge was that they didn’t have a finished product and needed to start building the brand assets and awareness for the launch of this revolutionary product into a very traditional industry with tenured competition.

Spire began with a messaging and positioning workshop with the F-Wave leadership team to craft the brand. After the 8-hour, in-person workshop and 160 hours of research, strategy meetings and development, Spire delivered a custom brand platform to be used for all future
F-Wave creative and messaging. After the brand platform was finalized, Spire developed the brand identity pieces that included business cards, letterheads, email signatures, product sample boards and product spec sheets. Next, Spire designed a custom website targeted to roofing contractors showcasing the new products and what it would mean for the roofing industry. Lastly, F-Wave wanted to make a splash at the largest roofing trade show in Las Vegas. Spire was tasked to design a custom 10×20 exhibit that had to stand out from the crowded trade show floor.