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Airbus Helicopters is the top helicopter manufacturer in the world in terms of sales and revenue. However, when it comes to brand awareness, the company has struggled to
stand out as a leader. When the North American marketing team signed a partnership with the Dallas Cowboys, one of the most iconic brands in the country, the deal presented new marketing and sales opportunities for the Airbus Helicopters team to elevate and increase brand awareness among C-suite buyers.

Spire worked with Airbus to focus on a few, high-impact opportunities. The first was an
in-suite promotion providing suite owners at Cowboys games the chance to take a test
ride. The promotions ranged from snack boxes, to customized ticket envelopes, to gift packages that included expensive bottles of Cabernet wine, to custom-designed boxes
made from soft-touch materials.

Lastly, Airbus Helicopters needed a way to engage with the handful of people in the
country who could possibly afford one: NFL team owners. Airbus challenged Spire to create an engaging promotion that would make game day even more memorable for this small handful of qualified buyers – win or lose.

Therefore, we created a custom-designed laser-etched wooden box made from top-grade
oak. Inside the box was a pair of classic Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses enclosed in a leather case, along with a personalized letter inviting the owner to fly on an Airbus helicopter to the game instead of sitting in traffic. The promotion was an unqualified success, with an astounding 50% response rate from the NFL owners.

The promotions were a complete success in raising awareness of Airbus Helicopters as
an ultra-luxury brand to this elite audience and their guests all season long. To date, the
in-suite promotions and customized NFL team owner boxes helped the VP of Sales close a $15M helicopter sale.