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ACAP Health

ACAP Health provides workplace wellness programs designed to help their clients’ employees lose weight, get fit, and live a healthy, happier life. While ACAP Health is staffed by passionate, purpose-driven people, this purpose was not reflected in the company’s old brand. An upcoming relocation to a new office space and a sorely needed website refresh gave ACAP Health the opportunity to update its physical and digital space to accurately reflect the company’s spirit both to customers and employees.

Spire worked with the ACAP Health marketing team and executive leadership to create a complete visual branding tool kit and messaging foundation. Armed with bright colors, a smart voice and a distinct point of view, Spire brought the brand to life with a new website, business cards and collateral, giving employees materials they could be proud to share with prospects. Spire then took the new brand and infused it throughout the interior design of the new office space. In addition to bringing the brand to life in the physical environment through signage, colors and design, Spire created a welcome kit to officially unveil the brand and new office space to employees.