Last night we attended the 54th AAF Dallas American Advertising Awards Show where we won Silver for our self-promotion direct mail piece, The Ultimate Branding Survival Tool.

Since we launched our agency our calling card has been strong, impactful design. So it only made sense that our business card should match. Our award-winning business cards are stamped out of a thin sheet of etched aluminium, with a unique shape designed to capture the attention of clients and prospective partners.

Over the years, our clients continuously bring up our cards in meetings, show them off to their coworkers and share them with others in their network. One particularly cold Dallas morning, a client mentioned at the end of a meeting that she might need to use our card to scrape her windshield. This remark led our team to brainstorm other fun ways our business card could be put to use, and thus the Spire Ultimate Branding Survival Tool was born.


Designed to deliver our brand while evoking the packaging of a survival multi-tool, we positioned our business card as the ultimate tool to access B2B branding expertise, in addition to cutting ropes, sawing branches, scratching off lotto tickets, performing emergency tracheotomies, scaling fish, fighting off ninjas and stenciling tiny letters (as long as you only need S, P, I, R or E).

By taking our best known branding element and repurposing it in a new and unexpected way, we were able to create a self-promotional mailer that is uniquely Spire and impossible for any other agency to duplicate. The mailing received the highest response rate of any of our past self-promotion mailers and has already led to several new opportunities for the agency in 2016, giving this tool yet one more use: door opener.


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