By Client

Jax Everett is a new luxury clothing brand designed exclusively for men 5′9″ and under. While women have extensive petite clothing options, the shorter man has largely been ignored in the fashion industry. With this challenge, Spire embarked on creating a new brand and a new brand category in the fashion industry.

Working with Jax Everett since its inception, Spire played an intricate role in bringing the brand to life. Building the brand from scratch, we started by developing the essentials: a strategic plan, a bold name, a visual brand identity and an e-commerce website. Following months of strategic planning, we began tactical implementation of the core messaging strategy through a strong social media presence, online advertising and public relations.

Jax Everett was launched with appearances on noteworthy morning television shows along with online reviews and discussions. Jax Everett has taken off and is gaining market share for this underserved market.